Berkshire Girls
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Looking to party?
Then you need to look no further than our girls Libby and Jodie from 
Berkshire girls

When the night time begins , and you want to party all night long you will need some company that will heighten your senses.
Let me describe Libby to you, she is a brunette with striking features and beautiful green eyes, with a curvy figure and a beautiful booty, what else could you want!
Jody is a svelte mature blonde with a doll-like face and a bubbly personality. Mix these two girls together is like mixing a vodka and tonic, strong with a bit of fizz, this combination with have you wanting more and more. More than just trophies to have on your arms, these fine women can hold a conversation and blend into any social setting, whether you are in the comfort of your own home or the privacy of a hotel, clubbing or out on the town.
Libby likes to please and loves to be adored, like the fine woman she is. Pay her with compliments and you will be rewarded with what you desire, whisper into Libby's ear your wants and needs and watch her come alive with the fire and passion that's come from deep within. If you thought you knew how to party before you have not seen anything yet, Libby switches on the party lights and keeps them burning until you want no more. 
Jodie is a classic beauty with twiggy style charm, you will want to be around her and be close to her. Her beautiful personality draws you in and you feel like you have known her for a long time. Jodie has an energy that is contagious and you just want more and more, you will find yourself thinking where does the time go, time is fun when you're in the company of Jody.
With minimum arrival time, you could be partying with either or both of these  why not call us on 07966720669 or 01753 866607  and book Libby or Jodie xx